Tickets on the Tofino Bus & VI Connector are available by online pre-reservation only and must be booked prior to 09:30am the day of travel.

The bus will always stop at Victoria Bus Depot, Nanaimo Departure Bay, Ucluelet Transit Stop and Tofino Co-op Parking Lot, and these stops will accept last-minute walk-up passengers. Walk-up tickets from the driver are available by credit card or Debit-VISA/Debit-MasterCard purchase only, and are first-come first-serve if there are any available seats. No Cash or normal debit card walkups will be accepted. (Exception: Victoria Bus Depot can accept cash or debit purchases for any transactions including last minute walk-up purchases). Walk-up tickets do not qualify for any discounted fares such as Senior or BC Resident, Adult or Child tickets only. We highly recommend pre-reserving your tickets on our website prior to departure in order to guarantee a seat is available and that you get the cheapest price.

For access to the full list of destinations, and to see prices including applicable special offers, please click Book Your Trip. Full prices including special offers will be available on the “Shopping Cart” page of the booking process.

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